Services and Amenities

The Green House features care custom-tailored to each resident to ensure the best possible lifestyle. Active participation in all facets of daily living is encouraged. All daily care plus three home cooked meals a day and fresh baking throughout the week is provided by the care staff.

The Green House at Calvary views food as an essential source of enjoyment, activity, community and nourishment. The kitchen and the table serve as the centers of pleasure, culture and community.

General Principles:

  • Preserve the traditions of the table
  • Use food that is local and seasonal
  • Stock, order and prepare food according to the preferences of the elders living in the house
  • Make food available to all elders at all times
  • Invite all present at the time of the meal to share at the table


  • Elders and families contribute recipes to the house cookbooks
  • Elders assist in selecting menus
  • Elders involved in cooking as they are able
  • Elders involved in setting the table
  • Include music, table linen, flowers and decorations to enhance environment
  • Staff and others in the house eat with elders
  • Parties, celebrations and laughter encouraged!